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So, I dropped my car off at the dealer this morning for some repairs. The transmission is fUx0r3d. Both third and fourth gear will not engage. They make lots of neat sounds, as if I have never touched a stick shift, but they never engage. I thought I would have to pay for repairs, but I was wrong about the warranty. The transmission is covered under a 5yr/60k plan. Niftiness. That would have been at least a grand that would have had to go on the plastic–and I have very nearly paid off all the plastic.

While getting a ride to work from BC, I came across several discoveries. First is the Smoker's Post. Phalic jokes aside, this seems pretty cool. It was out in front of the gas station, is made in an old-fashioned style I really like, and would sure beat the big ashtray with a mountain of cigarette butts that currently sits out on the front porch.

The next discovery was a crazy spoiler on a little boxy hatchback Honda (I think it was a Honda, at least). The picture will be forthcoming, but it was basically the St. Louis Arch above the square hatchback of this little car. I have seen spoilers on all sorts of sporty and pseudo-sporty cars, but not on a car like this. I hope the driver has a sense of humor because I would be a little scared by the guy who would seriously put this on his car.

The final observation was again from the gas station. It looked like there were two brothers that kept going in, getting scratch-off lottery tickets, then returning outside to scratch them off. Blather, wince, repeat. During the 10 or 15 minutes we were there for BC to purchase and add oil to the bus, these guys ended up repeating the cycle 8 to 10 tines. I have seen people do this before, but it is typically late at night and the people doing it look one step away from homeless. These guys looked well-to-do–nice clothes and shoes, cellphones clipped to their belts, well-groomed hair, etc. I hope that if/when I become jobless, I do not hang around the gas station trying to make it big with the Lotto.

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