OS X Suggestions?

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Okay, so I am comfortable enough with the basics of the new Mac. In fact, I am comfortable enough to service the non-user-serviceable parts (i.e. upgrade the internal memory because had some SDRAM DIMMs sitting around, but no extra laptop memory, which is what the user-accessible slot takes).

Now, I know when I install a new Linux box or Windows box, there is a standard set of tools I have on CD that goes in next: instant messenger (GAIM or Trillian), extremely fast image viewer (gqview, gtksee, or ACDSee), and various other utilities.

My question to the OS X users out there: what are the applications, utilities, and tools you would install on a new OS X box? Personally, I would like to find an instant messenger that handles Yahoo. iChat is really pretty and easy to use, but leaves me unable to talk to half my buddy list. iPhoto is nice if I want to arrange a photo album, and Preview is nice to just glance quickly at a photo, but if I want to browse a list of thumbnails and have a quick-and-dirty pgup/pgdn through a directory of images without importing them into iPhoto, I am not sure what to use. Likewise, I am sure there is a plethora of other utilities out there. Let me know in a comment!

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