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It has been a few days since I posted. Why? That is an epic tale that will be condensed for the sake of the reader.

Over the weekend, I got a 512M memory card for my main desktop, but it only picked up half of it. The next day, I picked up two 256M cards, but it still only picked up 384M. Whatever. The desktop has issues with memory. It has issues with the installation of Cygwin, which is deeply fuxored.

My laptop spews out all sorts of “Drive Ready SeekComplete Error” and “Uncorrectable error” messages. Fux0red hard drive and/or controller (which is part of the motherboard). The nifty thing about the laptop is that I paid extra for the on-site next-business-day warranty. (Normally, I cannot stand extended service contracts, but I make a HUGE exception for laptops and cellphones, which seem to break easily). This means that they send a dude to my office and he fixes or swaps the laptop. Pretty keen, huh? Yeah, it would be if Toshiba had record of it. I have the paperwork, the bill, and the credit card statement. They have no record. Faxey-faxey-phone-tag. Finally, I end up talking with a tech guy who knows what's up. Done deal, right? Wrong. The required components are on back-order, but they are FedEx'ing them to the repair dude from some special warehouse, so it will be tomorrow or Friday. Basically, my laptop is dead this week. I am glad, however, that I will have it at all. No service contract would mean quite a while until Brian could get his computer fixed.

For those that were guessing about Brian C's ant farm, it was about 4 people (although some people suggested he take ants from their house on multiple occassions).

Sea-Monkey status: The two females are huge and still have their egg sacks. I am not sure whether or not any eggs came out of the sacks and I am not sure how long they are supposed to have those sacks, since there are now three babies. The sacks have been there about two weeks and the babies have been there about a week.

“Tea tastes better when you drink it out of a monkey.”

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