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I woke up from a strange dream. In the dream, I was trying to pick out an animated tattoo. Yes — animated. The procedure was s subdermal implant of a “display screen” sort of thing you can see through the skin, as well as a power supply that lasts the rest of your life, and some contact points that act as buttons so you can change the tattoo a little–the things in it, to an extent, and their colors. A few of the ones to choose from were zeppelins and ships and ALL the rest (about 20 to 30 in all) looked like The Sims–a sort of 3D isomorphic view of a cutaway building. By pressing the buttons, you could choose the number, type, and color (including clothing, if they are people) of the creatures in the Sims-looking tattoo. The whole thing was a little freaky. In retrospect, though, I am surprised that none of the zeppelins could be animated like the Goodyear Blimp!

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