We control the horizontal and vertical. We control the digital.

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You know you are a Cheezy-Sci-Fi-slash-Gothic-Industrial geek when…

* …you are watching The Outer Limits and recognize a sample used by Information Society. “I am in radio contact!”
* …you are watching The Twilight Zone and recognize a sample used by Skinny Puppy. “Do you hear that? It's music! It's a band!”
* …you are watching The Outer Limits and recognize a Skinny Puppy sample. “All good people are asleep and dreaming.”
* …you are listening to a Skinny Puppy song and get annoyed by the misuse of all the 2001 and Clockwork Orange samples.
* …you are watching The Outer Limits and recognize a Meat Beat Manifesto AND a Snog sample simultaneously. “We will control all that you see and hear.”
* …you are listening to Pop Will Eat Itself and recognize a sample from Bladerunner. “Wake up! Time to die!”
* …you are listening to Information Society and recognize too many Star Trek samples to count.
* …you can listen to any “beep” sort of sample from Star Trek and instantly know what device on the show produced it.
* …you are listening to Psychic TV and get annoyed by the overuse of Dr. Strangelove samples about water.

I need to turn off the DVD and MP3 and get out more…

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