“Becky, just look at that girl’s butt. She must be one of those rap guys’ girlfriends.”

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My crazy dreamlet: I walk into a bar (“so this guy walks into a bar…”) and my attention is drawn to a loud conversation across the room. Apparently, some black guy is trying to pick up on a little old lady. He is trying to sell to her some product, infomercial-style, and she keeps saying “I don't want that. I don't understand. Why would I want my butt bigger.” It was not just any old black guy, I now noticed, it was Sir Mix-A-Lot. At this time, he grabbed a microphone and jumped up on the bar, where a spotlight clicks on and focuses upon him. He starts belting out a slow, soulful, nearly a cappella rendition of “I Like Big Butts.”

This is when I woke up to Meta_Kate listening to National Public Radio in the other room. Who was being interviewed and getting his songs played? James Taylor. The same style, I realize, in which Sir Mix-A-Lot was singing.

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