Wheat Grass

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I was in Jamba Juice the other day when someone ordered some wheat grass juice. First off, wheat grass is simply grass and not really meant to be juiced. When they do juice it in the meat-grinder looking thing (the employee pushing the grass in pretty far with his gloved fingers), the stuff extruded from the other end looks pretty nasty. That whole thing is another rant–back to my story. Mister Man gets a little plate with a shot of wheat grass juice and a slice of orange. I am looking at this thinking “green Tequila.” I also got the mental image of health-crazy new-agers doing wheat grass body shots off of one another. Ewwww…

They upgraded the software (and maybe even hardware) in the self checkout lanes at Ralphs. The buttons were in slightly different places on the touch screen. Also, the bar code scanner was cranked up to super-sensitive.

In my walk back to work after lunch, my Cow-Orkers and I walked past a building we pass all the time–only this time, we noticed who owned the building: “Glidewell Laboratories.” 'nuff said.

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