“I was cured all right.” –Alex

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I went to the dentist today and I think someone was trying to play a sick joke on me. They had to grind out and replace a bunch of the fillings in my front teeth. This was a process that took some time, and during part of it they had to use a “cheek retractor” to help keep my lips and cheeks away from the teeth.

Do you remember the scene in Clockwork Orange where they put the hooks around Alex's eyelids and forced him to watch movies?

That pretty much sums up my morning at the dentist's. The experience even included Beethoven's 9th! They were playing a classical station on the office music system, and at that very point in the procedure, Beethoven's friggin' ninth was playing! That is one of those details that HAD to be planned. The odds of those two events occurring simultaneously are astronomical!

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