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Lots of random stuff today:

  • I got very little sleep last night, mostly due to a nasty dream. I dreamed that the gum area in the lower left side of my mouth split open, as if there were stitches all along its length that suddenly broke open. Medical instruments, medical demonstration devices, teeth, and various organic substances all started coming out of there. Ick. Needless to say, I could not get back to sleep.
  • I cracked an encryption system used by an online learning system the night before last. Yeay. It is actually a pretty serious flaw, as it means anyone in the world can easily steal, with the help of a script, the admin password for one of these online learning systems. Oopsies for them.
  • I downloaded lots of New Order and OMD from Soulseek. I even gave a donation to Nir, the dude that runs it. This gave me s00per download privileges.
  • The Sea-Monkeys are doing well.
  • I did more driving with the wireless card yesterday.
  • I got my t-shirt and new book from Sam Brown at explodingdog.com
  • White Trash dinner du’jour: a plastic wine glass of shiraz, microwave Mac’n’Cheese with Tabasco and extra cheese followed by Mac’n’Cheese with lots and lots of hot curry from the local Indian restaurant/market and extra cheese.
  • Kraft’s Easy Mac “Extreme Cheese” version is no different than the normal Easy Mac–with the exception of price and an instant win game token that did not win.
  • and I saw Red Dragon last night and Secretary last weekend. DAMN fine films!
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