All we ever wanted was everything/All we ever got was cold

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“Killing An Arab” by The Cure just came on the Netscape Radio 80's channel. It seems to carry some different feelings today than it did a couple of decades ago.

You know you are starting to get old when you can nonchalantly talk about “a couple of decades ago” as if it were last week.

The Sea-Monkey habitat preservation project seems to be going marginally well. The Sea-Monkey tank at work went through some tough times–all but one Sea Monkey is missing and that one is HUGE. I think the ended up fusing together into a Sea Monster. To help out, I took a couple of Sea-Monkeys from the thriving tank at home, put them in my Sea-Monkey wristwatch, carried them around all day, and deposited them into the habitat at work at the end of the day. One of the two seems to have been sucked into the Bermuda Triangle, but the other one looks to be having fun.

I have another Sam Brown book coming later in the week! Yeay! The book is called “New Job.”

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