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One bottle of wine on the wall
One bottle of wine
Take it down, kill some tooth pain
One bottle of wine on the wall.

I had a strange dream last night, but really do not remember much of it, other than it took place in a GIGANTIC theater which may or may not have been in an amusement park and may or may not have also been a ride of some kind. I lost my sunglasses because we moved seats, then found some that were supposed to be mine, only they were low-quality knock-offs and broken. That is all I really remember.

They pulled out my temporary crown today and placed in the permanent one that was custom made for me at some lab somewhere. The insertion of the new crown was fairly easy and (relativistically speaking, Einstein-wise) painless. Pulling out the temporary one was a bitch though. It was kind of mis-fitting and tight to begin with, which explains why it hurt for so long and even continued to hurt, when chewing, up to the point they yanked it. Picture somebody putting a metal band on your tooth, with a little screw to tighten it. Picture them applying two-part epoxy before putting on the band and cranking down that screw. Picture them then yanking it off with a little hand-held crowbar a couple of weeks later. This is what it felt like.

Tonight, I am eating soup and drinking a bottle of $1.99 red wine from Trader Joe's. Ordinarily, I would not be caught dead with a $2 wine. They are usually artificially aged with sulfurs and give you a nice sulfuric headache the next morning, but this was some special deal. Supposedly, and airline purchased truckloads and truckloads of the stuff for the first class section. Then, guess what? September 11th came along, they were no longer allowed to have corkscrews in the galley, and no wine for them. Time for pop tops or twist-off's or something. So now this airline has truckloads of wine it can no longer use. Liquidation sale! Happy no-tooth-hurty Enigma!

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