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Last night, I found an article that linked to a very strange request. A crock pot for a home birth? CheeseMyBaby!

Kate and I were discussing hide and seek last night. I said I was good at the former but not the latter. “Oh, so you're good at the Marco, but not the Polo, then.” Sometimes the things she says really crack me up!

Last night, we got a season of Star Trek The Next Generation on DVD. Today, I feel like a complete dork. Maybe Trekkie is a more appropriate word. Or Trekker. Anyway, I tend to get TV shows on DVD–partly because you get more minutes per dollar than other DVDs, but mostly because the TV is hooked up to a DVD player, an old crusty VCR, and the computer. I do not have cable, and the rabbit ears kinda-sorta pick up channel 11, and that is all.

Back to the Star Trek DVDs: we started at season 3 because the first few were a little lame. I think they were tweaking with the characters during the first couple of seasons, trying to achieve the right balance between them. So far, this one has been pretty nifty. There was an episode guest starring the actor that played Laura Palmer's dad in Twin Peaks. The same episode also had a “red shirt” named Palmer. Coincidence?! I THINK NOT! I hope this is the season with the episode featuring Data as Sherlock Holmes against a Professor Moriarti simulation in the holodeck. I hope it also has the one with the Max Headroom guy as a time traveler charlatan. Damn, I feel like a friggin Trekkie right now. “Remember that time in episode 734B when the captain went through the access corridor on the port side of the ship? Ha! Silly them! It was really on the starboard side, according to episode 386A! I really hate huge gaping plot holes like that!”

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