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I had a strange dream last night that was composed of some strange and distinct parts. The first part involved walking around the a city with a low-rider El Dorado behind and beside me. I think someone else was there too, but the low rider was driven by a city worker. As it drove, it resurfaced the street underneath.

Next, I went from here and walked to a party of a friend of a friend. Substitute and Odradak were supposed to be there, but either did not show up or were there earlier. I did not know a single person, but did not have problems talking to a few people after a few party tricks? Those tricks? Well, the low-gravity jumping/flying I can do in many dreams. With just a little jump, I can bang my head on the ceiling. With a big jump, I can go from one sidewalk, jump across a busy street and slowly and comfortably land on the other sidewalk. At this party, the ceiling was made of wooden beams, so I could jump up, catch a beam or wedge myself between two, get my legs in the lotus position, then just hang upside down from the ceiling, seemingly levitating, for a very long time.

Morning came and the party, which had been spinning down, eventually came to an end. I spent most of the latter parts of the party just chilling, upside-down and cross-legged, in the place where the corner of the room meets the ceiling. I went to say goodbye to everyone, and by that time most of them had moved to the house next door in this suburban environment. (I guess the same person owned/rented both houses.) As I approached the door, there were a couple of people there, somebody's mother(!) and a rent-a-cop type person that I guess was responsible for the local area. He saw I was going toward the door and into the house and kept trying to slyly hand me a condom (like with a handshake) and I kept trying to give it back, but he was getting pretty offended. It was like he was trying to say “oh, you're too GOOD to use a condom?!” And I was trying to convey, “I do not plan on being in a situation in there where I need one. I am not arriving to the party, I have been chilling in the other house and am just poking my head in to say goodbye.” All of this was unspoken for some reason.

After the party, it was time to move on, so I jumped up into the air, just above telephone-pole level and hovered. Then I started swimming along, as if I were underwater (in the typical Enigma-flying-dream-fashion). Suburbia gave way to the city, and I was flying through the city, using buildings to kick off from and coast down the length of a street. I kept thinking “hey, I'm a modern day Superman.”

Eventually, I met up with Meta_Kate and we had to go pick up something from her aunt's friend's apartment. I think I had a previous dream similar to this. Anyway, the plan was this–at the crappy, slummy apartment complex, there is an old disconnected toilet that had been left out on the curb. Inside the toilet was a little ceramic bowl. Take that back to the apartment, put it in a slot in the wall as the wall fills with water (!), it floats up, knocks something, which opens up a secret panel. This had the paperwork we needed. Old toilet, check. Bowl within, check. (The ceramic bowl was in the toilet bowl part of the toilet, as opposed to the toilet tank. Why some joker, tagger, or vagrant had not “used” it to do their duty, I do not know. Both toilet and bowl were shiny clean, even though they had been there a while.) We went back to the apartment, up on the second floor. There were no real stairs or elevators, I had to jump and she had to climb to the hallway/balcony of the second floor. We arrived at an open kitchen in the hall (I guess several apartments shared a communal kitchen). At the other end of the kitchen was the door with a window in it that led to the bathroom of the person in question. The lady was already at home, and taking a shower, so we ended up leaving. I am really not conveying how run-down, dirty, and nasty the place was. Nothing worked, water leaked from everywhere, dirt and mold were everywhere, bits of wall and railing and floor were crumbling. I think the only working utility was water–no power or gas. There was no easy way to get to the second floor.

As we were on our way out, I found I was no longer with Kate, but with a police officer. As we were leaving, a rent-a-copy (who looked like a park ranger) who worked at the complex was wheeling a large palm tree out to the dumpster. The tree was several times as tall as the dumpster, so I do not know how the trash man would pick it up. Anyway, the base of the tree was wheeled and surrounded by the corner of a building. Closer inspection, as the building pieces fell away, was that the tree was stuck into a Cadillac convertible full of trash bags, surrounded by a piece of house to obscure the car and trash bags. The cop went to investigate and noticed the trash bags on one side seemed a bit larger and more bulky. Hidden in the trash was camping gear–portable gas stoves, camp food, little port-a-potty things (chemical shit-pots), electric generators, all sorts of stuff. I guess the staff did not care that the apartments had run down beyond usability and everyone was living in squalor. The just used camping equipment while they were on duty, then went to their nice warm homes after their shift was done. The whole thing ended up being a big police bust with people being cuffed and carried away and all.

And then I woke up and drank coffee.

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