Metamucil headphones, oh yeah.

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Insurance changeover at work, go do bills, go directly to bills, do not pass go, do not collect $200, in fact pay an extra $75 a month for the luxury of going to the doctor. Most people in my life know that I *HATE* doctors (dentists included). I hate going to the doctor, I hate being here, I hate the waiting rooms, I hate the patient rooms, I hate the look, the sterile smell. I was happy that I finally found a dentist I am comfortable with. Then, they decided to take him away from me (different health plan and all), but at the last minute did an “oh, by the way, out dental plan is different than what is printed, we really have Delta Dental.” Phweeeew! Okay, he is still covered. I am still not sure I like the fact that the company has switched over to a more expensive (for the employee) health plan. It screams of cost cutting maneuvers. “Well, maybe we can help the company survive an extra 3.72 weeks if we screw the employees with the health plan.” I do not use it (except for the dentist now), so that is just lost money from my pocket.

I was going to publicly ask if anyone knew of any good, varied BEEP wav sounds because none of the audio-type people I know were on any IM services (Noel! Conrad!), but I think I ended up finding some by putting different combinations of words into Google. I am doing some funny wireless stuff on the laptop and need audible tones for things like “locked onto signal,” “lost signal,” “grabbing data from a previously discovered signal,” etc. While I have a couple of beep WAV files, they were just a little too quiet. The other WAVs I have are a bit too long and more like samples from things. I would rather hear a more mature beep than Homer Simpson going “D'oh” when I latch onto a signal. It would seem that Navy vessels, specifically submarines, have a variety of audible tones, all fairly short, and all fairly distinct that can help communicate the maximum amount of information with the minimal amount of sound. It is all about that audio bandwidth, baby! Dive alarm is a GPS daemon disconnect, a sonar ping is a GPS daemon reconnect, a laser sound is a new network, a metal KLINK is data on an existing known network, and an air raid siren is a fatal error. And I am still left with half a dozen different submarine-type sounds: klaxons and sirens and buzzers, oh my!

Good night, have fun, sleep tight, adieu, have a bitchin' summer, and I leave you with this map, which is not of Middle Earth or adjoining territories. (Conrad! I can see your packets!)

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