“Initiative comes to thems that wait.”

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I had a strange dream last night. In the dream, Meta_Kate came down with some temporary medical affliction called “Marcy's Playground” (whether or not there is a connection to the band of the same name, we will never know). Anyway, treatment was supposed to involve a hospital stay of a few days, maybe even a week. No problem, though, she went down to the hospital, then returned an hour later–as a different person. Specifically, she was the same person, she just had a different body. It was still Meta_Kate's mind and voice, only the body of a little black girl. I guess that in whatever alternate world in which the dream took place, this was fairly common. If you had to be in the hospital for awhile and you had the cash or insurance to cover it, you could rent somebody else's body for that time and still be able to get on with your life. On the flip side, if you were poor or underprivileged, you could get money by going down to the hospital and renting them your body. Of course, there was a lot of physical and mental screening so that a crack addict could not rent out a messed up body for cash for his next fix. It was also never really explained what happened to the other person while the bodies were switched–were they effective asleep? Were they conscious in the swapped body? Were they conscious in their original body (sharing it, as it were)? As I was waking up this morning, Meta_Kate was back in her original body and trying to find the little girl that loaned out her body, so that she could give the girl some money or gifts or be a godmother or something (the dream started breaking down into wakefulness at this point).

All of this sounds like it could be the plot to a generic scifi movie, but I do not remember seeing any movies or reading any books like this

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