Anyone Have Any Good Job Leads?

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On Thursday, there were a large number of layoffs. Basically the company for which I work looked at all of the projects on the table and only kept those that will bring in cash within the next 3 to 6 months. We were all surprised when a couple of specific developers got let go because they were working on a project that had already brought in some money and will bring in more in a couple of months.

On Friday, the company back-peddled a little. Oops, we did not realize this project has made money and will continue to do so. We mistakenly laid-off this one developer and we are getting him back. The other developer, we are looking to get back on a contract for a month or two.

Today, I look at my online bank statement. As usual, the company auto-deposited my paycheck. And what is this second auto-deposit from the company?

Today, I am shopping for jobs on Monster. I am not sure if there was an accounting problem or I was supposed to be laid off and they forgot to tell me, or if I am going to get laid off on Monday. Regardless, it scares me that the company does not know that a vital money-making project is vital and money-making and they would just go ahead and lay off those people without any confirmation or research. Who is to say that the projects I am working on are being viewed as vital and money-making in their eyes? Who is to say they do not have another “oopsie?” The environment and vibe is simply all wrong and people are no longer communicating.

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