7 schools in 7 states and the only thing different is my locker combination

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I just woke up from a wacky dream. I dreamt that someone broke into LiveJornal, stole the database of users, and was able to extract usernames, email addresses, and passwords. They were then able to — because most people use the same password everywhere — look at people's email addresses and either log into their ISP or their mailbox. There was a big ordeal over it at the UC Irvine compter lab, which also happened to be a tattoo studio where they wanted to borrow some of my CDs, because someone used people's shell accounts for nastiness. Fortunately, I was safe because of differing passwords. The first part seems like relatively normal and sane bit o' dream for me, but the second bit? I have not even been to college or HAD a shell account since graduation in '98 and have not been in a tattoo studio for a year. Those seem like weird elements to have in the dream.

It has occurred to me that those LiveJornal quizzes (Friday Fives, Tuesday Twos, etc.) are like lame high school lunchtime quizzes (think Heathers). Ed McMahan gives you a million dollars from Publisher's Clearinghouse on the same day that space aliens arrive and say there are 24 hours until they destroy the Earth. What do you do? “I go to the lion cage at the zoo and I get a remote control bomb and put it in the lion's butt. Then I ride the lion and press the remote control button, and it's, like, me and the lion die as one.”

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