All the good domain names have been taken

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I just read a Salon Article that had a link to a website offering a search of deleted domains. According to the article, things like,,,,,,, and have all expired and are ready to be repurchased.

I decided to do a little research and came up with the following. Keep in mind these are all domain names that someone thought was a good idea to register at one time, but ended up discarding. — I like cheese, maybe this can be a sister site of NetNinja? — Ummm…yeah… — The content practically writes itself! I could make a fortune! –I can go into business! — This could be the new HamsterDance craze! — No comment — I could churn them out, assembly-line style! — All I need is a furry purple hat with a feather. — Go Linux! — To keep it from falling into the wrong hands, I take my work underground. — Ummmm… — We'll even have a secret handshake! — The name says it all — Let's attach the prefix “Cyber” to everything! — I fight for YOU! — Mmmm… — But I can cut it. — Is this a gourmet treat somewhere? — I'll put this on my turkey. — You can have your money and your mojo, I just wanna cheese your baby! — All bow before me! — I'm hankering for one. Look! Wagon wheels! — Yeah, I took off the wrapper. — This will be my next secret project. — No, thanks. — That can be my new name! — This one is for BC. — Like Cookie Monster, only different. — It gets to ride the short bus. — BE the monkey! — What's that smell? — A whole barrel of 'em! — I wanna makes youse an offer

I am kind of attached to the assortment of NinjaCoder, NinjaCoders, and various synonyms that are available, though. CheeseMyBaby still confuses me…

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