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So this one time, I was on Amazon and noticed they wanted to sell me the super uber special edition of Memento for $10, so I purchased it. And this one time, I received my order in the mail. And this one time, the packing slip said Memento but the DVD was “Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Getting There.” And this one time, the Amazon website said the order was not yet shipped so there was no possible way I could have been shipped the wrong item and there is no way to return it.

“Sweet 16 and licensed to drive!

Buckle up for the ultimate getaway with Mary-Kate and Ashley Jailbait. Taylor and Kylie Hunter are sweet sixteen and licensed to drive. Grab a seat in their classic Mustang convertible as they set out on their very first road trip, to the Winder Games in MormonLand. Cute outfits, even cuter guys. And all kinds of tricks along the way. But watch out for Olympic-sized detours. Will they ever make it to the velvet-smooth ski slopes and posh Stein Ericksen Lodge at Deer Valley and the big-air snowboarding at Park City? Will they be on time for the Winter Games? See for yourself why half the fun is… GETTING THERE”

AOL Keyword: mary-kateandashley
Soundtrack CD available on Dualstar Records, distributed by Trauma Records
Rated G
Canadian Home Video Rating PG

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