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Went to Disneyland last night to take advantage of Kate’s newly renewed annual pass. The House of Blues was entertaining, but the park was a little disappointing. There was some show going on (DJ Quick?) that was classified, categorized, and labeled as “urban music.” Yes, there was a lot of Ghetto there. ANAHEIM Ghetto. It was all rather funny. I have never before seen so many cops for such a small venue. At one time, we counted eight, plus some plainclothes-looking dudes with the same make and model radios and earpieces as the uniformed cops. Nothing really exciting happened, but Kate was hoping. That, and she was correlating the goings-on with various lawyer/law related topics.

Then, we went into the park itself. We only had time for two rides before it closed, so we went on the good ol’ classics: Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain. Haunted Mansion was noticeably different. First, the spooky voice that narrates from a speaker in your “Doom Buggy” was a bit different–the initial “don’t touch the bar, I will lower it for you” was spoken a little faster, then repeated in Spanish. A Spanish voice trying to sound spooky is a little funny sounding, I might add. Second, the whole ride seemed to zoom along. The cars moved visibly faster than they did before! The ride lasted shorter than it used to! I felt ripped off! Finally, we headed off to Space Mountain. This was basically the same, only the lights were not as dim as they used to be. I do not know if this was a permanent thing or just for the evening. The lights were bright enough to see the ceiling, the walls, the tracks and struts (including the track in front of the car–and we were sitting in the back of the car). It was really weird and not as fun as it is in the dark. That, and the techno soundtrack headrest speakers were broken–AGAIN. Those added such an excellent new twist to the ride. I love it! Why is it ALWAYS broken?! Oh, well, at least I have a copy of it in my car, so I can zoom along (faster than the coaster, even) and listen to the song.

Housecleaning today. Boy do I have a bunch of crap to throw out. Everyone in the OC crew, keep your eyes open for an email in the next few days. I have a bunch of old hardware to get rid of (NeXT cubes, a stack of old PDAs, etc.) I need to take inventory and post/email a list out to y’all.

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