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I do not know if it is a good thing or a bad thing that my entire essence can be serialized to text:

If I were a package in Debian GNU/Linux, my package name would be:


What’s yours?

Well, it’s online now. Unfortunately, I missed out on the Survival Research Laboratories show the other night. It is basically a group of people that do a sort of performance art–art that utilizes lethal robots and other mechanical devices. You know the show Battle Bots? This predates that and can be thought of as a REALLY BIG vesion on crack. We’re talking a machine gun that shoots 6ft long 2×4’s at 200 MPH. It has a magazine that holds 20 of ’em that it can empty in 10 seconds. That’s 2 a second! They also have a flamethrower that is piped through a whistle-type mechanism (actually a Boeing jet engine and police whistle), so it’s REALLY loud. The Flame Hurricane creates…well, just that: spinning tubes of fire. The have loud pulse jets that get so hot they glow, that they end up pointing at the audience to get this weird sonic reverb effect going.

Basically, the show the other night was in LA, in a side alley, in an industrial area and kind of shady. “Show up at this address, we’ll start after sundown when we’re ready.” You know, it’s kind of hard to get the proper permits and insurance and such to stage a showing of lethal machines. When I was going to see them in SF before, they were requiring audience members to sign waivers in case something happened. I am told that the show ended when the fire department came and broke things up. Anyway, the photos are online.

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