AudioGalaxy is no longer a file sharing service

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The RIAA licks my unclean, smelly bunghole. It now seems that AudioGalaxy is no longer a file sharing service. Musicians can go online (“backstage,” as it is called), and upload MP3s, websites, images, etc. They then set up the MP3s so that people can download them for free or for a price. There is no file sharing.

Audiogalaxy is a community of music fans and artists. Fans visit Audiogalaxy to read reviews and sample new music, discover up-and-coming artists and explore new genres and styles. Musicians can post their music, images and info, host a web page, receive feedback from reviewers and fans and get the exposure they’ve been craving. And the best part is? IT’S ALL FREE! Audiogalaxy offers 25 MB of free web space to musicians for MP3 files, band images and a web page. All content (music, images and html) is acceptable as long as it is related to your band (exceptions are pirated material and software). Every MP3 you upload to our site will be available for users to download, rate and discuss. We also have daily spotlight features of bands on Audiogalaxy that run on the front page as well as within each genre section. With over 80,000 hits per day, you can be assured that your band will receive some newfound exposure.

Hey, fuckfaces at AG. Guess what? We already HAVE this service. It’s called and works a lot better than your kludged-ass shitty system. I really wish I had been on the month-to-month program so I can stop payment, instead I am an AG-Gold member who paid for a year of useless membership in one lump sum. Fuckers.

I cannot WAIT for Trillian to release their software development kit. I have been thinking of design and would LOVE to write a peer-to-peer file sharing system into this that is cross-platform and interoperates with Gaim (for Linux, et al). This might make things a little easier and more decentralized, which seems to be the key to good (i.e. not legally fuckable) file sharing. End rant.

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