The Great Certivo Move

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I give thee The Great [Insert Company Name] Move. I get a desk that is permanently affixed to the wall and is rather shallow–much like a counter. It is also in the hall. I am now one of The Kids In The Hall. Fortunately, I still sit near Brian C. (pictured in the fashionable red jumpsuit). I think we are going to have some fun. The place is even quieter than a library, and while I am usually a fairly quiet individual, I am finding that I am overcompensating for the lack of noise by making a lot of it.

I am a little worried about Tim S. He came in really late and left really early. I cannot blame him, though. The whole situation is a little f’ed. I left early, too. I think tomorrow I might come in a little late. Tim was really cool and brought in some seaweed snacks today. Or rather “Sea Weed.” We were trying to figure out if they were going to give us the munchies.

My new tiny workstation area now has a Swingline stapler prominently placed atop the monitor. I also have an X Windows screensaver that basically applies Photoshop filters to images, and the images I selected are all of Milton and his red Swingline.

I think it is time to wear the big boots tomorrow.

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