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I HAVE A PIE! Well, yeah, it is no bigger around than a CD, but it is still a pie. I like pie–especially when it is pumpkin. I am very strongly considering skipping the whole dinner thing–it is highly overrated–and going directly to dessert.

Once again, this morning I hopped into the elevators at work and boy was it full of stank–sickening sweet, pretty stank, but stank nonetheless. Somebody in the building wears enough Froot-Loops-smelling perfume to choke a canary in a mine shaft. The residual of that stank glues itself to the walls of the elevator and hangs there like a cloud of chlorine gas. Fortunately, I only had to go to the third floor, but it still–quite literally–gave me a headache.

Warning! Work gripes ahead! Us developers have gotten shuffled around several times during the period I have worked where I presently do. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but nothing too drastic. The last shuffle even got us all in the same room together so we can chat and answer each others questions and such. Today, the word was handed down from up high that we were moving down to the second floor. Not only that, but scattered throughout the floor. OdradakUSED to have a desk in a hallway that everyone had to walk past. Guess who has that area now? Me. Not only me, but Brian C. and one of the quote-unquote-“Experts” all get to share that tiny little area. This just leaves me thinking of the scene in Brazil in the Ministry of Information where Sam is playing tug-o-war with a desk. I have no idea where Odradak is going to sit, or if he is supposed to be working from home or what the dealie-o is…

Anyway, the move is supposed to happen by the end of business day tomorrow, and I am giving myself a few conditions: (1) I have now unvolunteered myself from parking in the far parking lot. Let everyone fend for themselves. (2) My desk will no longer be big enough to hold my computer manuals, so I will bring a few smaller books that will fit: The Cluetrain Manifesto, Atlas Shrugged, Secrets & Lies, and a few other choice titles.

Something tells me this will quickly become my new hateful place. Remember, we’re all in this together.

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