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I feel that it is about time to post here. It has been a week or two–a very busy week or two. But first, I must say that Billy Barty is the coolest midget ever. I just watched the movie UHF. Don’t get me wrong–I am not a newbie to this fine film, but it has been about a decade since I last saw it. The video has been out of print for a good number of years (like Buckaroo Banzai was and the Max Headroom movie still is), and was finally released on DVD this week. In Comic Book Guy voice: BEST…MOVIE…EVARRR. I should have gotten Private Eyes the Tim Conway/Don Knotts movie this week, but that was delayed from Netflix. I think next up on the Good Bad Movies I Remember From Childhood list would be Leonard Part 6. I only remember three things from that flick: (1) it stars Bill Cosby (without Jell-o Puddin’ Pops), (2) it had some sort of mutant lobster men, and (3) it was really, really, really, really, hideously bad. It is still in print on VHS, but not on DVD yet, so I guess I cannot get it from Netflix. I can wait.

So, the busy week? Last night was meta_kate’s graduation and the night before was her honors ceremony. They were both pretty cool (although a bit painful to sit on the bleachers for hours), and two extreme opposites. The honors ceremony was the whole school and was very tame. There was polite applause, a few hollers, and an air horn or two from the crowd. The students were very orderly. The graduation ceremony, which was just the Arts and Humanities students, was quite a lot more wild. Lots of yelling and screaming, lots of air horns. The students had a ton of tortillas that got thrown around as frisbees, a beach ball or two, and even an inflatable girl appeared out of nowhere in the sea of black graduation gowns and was crowd surfed around until the security personnel, in their stiff blue suits and walkie-talkies, took it away. It is a funny sight to see a grown man in bright blue suit scrounging around the floor for every last tortilla, in case the next tortilla frisbee incident utilizes the leftovers.

Last night, I got to meet several of Kate’s school friends. One, Curtis, ended up being really cool. Kate had warned me to watch what I say and do around him (he is very Jewish and wears the little hat that I know is not spelled at all like it is pronounced). It ended up being not a big deal at all, though. As I said, he is really cool and we need to hang out again.

I did end up feeling a little stupid at times, though. Admittedly I, much like the others, have an undergrad degree–but everyone else seemed to be pursuing post-grad work, and I’m just a computer science nerdball who might go back to school within the next decade get a masters or PhD and…I do not know…teach or something… Before that, blah, blah, blah work politics.

Before that, I made some nifty curried vegetables from our vegetarian cookbook. I did not have very high hopes for how they would turn out, but the house smelled REALLY good for a while, and they were actually quite tasty. Unfortunately, most of the strong curry flavor cooked out (as I had expected). They were still good, though. Before that, was the lasagna. Good stuff, that.

Even earlier in the week, I got to see the Harry Potter movie. I had never gotten the chance to read the books, but I did find the books on cassette version (on MP3) from a friend. I got a few chapters into it and really could not take any more of the uber-simplistic story. The movie, though, ended up being surprisingly good. I had very low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised at how great it was.

I am sure there have been other things I have forgotten to include in this report. If I think of them, I will be sure to post them.

I just watched the music video for UHF. It reminded me of so many music videos from the 80’s, with all the parody clips: ZZ-Top, Robert Palmer (with the dancing girls that all look the same, only with Weird Al moustaches), INXS (with the cue cards), The Talking Heads (same as it ever was), Prince, Billy Idol, Guns ‘n’ Roses (you can’t see Slash behind the hair mop), etc. Good, funny stuff.

My work here is done. It is time to return to my home planet of Zarcon.

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