Calvin peeing on Calvin peeing on Calvin peeing on…

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For anyone that wants to try Linux, but does not want the complexity of repartitioning I highly suggest trying Knoppix. This is a version of Debian (the Woody version) that boots from a CD (using a read-only, compressed, on-the-fly-decompression, filesystem that is effectively 2 gigs) with all the nifty bells and whistles–the KDE window manager, an MP3 player, PDF viewer, etc. It autodetects your hardware and will even autodetect and mount (read-only, but you can change that) your existing hard drives, so you can get to your files. Niftiness! This is like a one-night-stand operating system with no commitment. There is no installation so there is no messy uninstall. If any of you or your friends want to try Linux with no strings attached, find someone with high bandwidth to download the image and burn it onto CD. I have a copy here, for any of the Orange County clan that are interested.

I think I have created the sticker I want…

Why is I that every time I hear “war against terror,” I think I hear “war against Terra?”

Silence is golden, and you know this well. At your heart you are a patient and kind optimist. You might need to learn to speak out, though, because sometimes if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Which monkey are you?

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