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So I just got home, sat down, and was ready to relax when I hear a commotion outside. It seems one of the local police helicopters is not only circling overhead, but announcing something to the world. It is blasting through the loudspeaker something about a “lost 5 year old boy, Danny Enriquez, male Hispanic, grey shirt with blue sleeves and bluejeans, please contact the police department with any information.” It is just circling and repeating the announcement. I have never seen them do anything like this before, and now that it has been going on for almost 10 minutes, it is really starting to freak me out in a way I do not understand and cannot explain. Or maybe I can. Now that I think about it, the last time I heard the police helicopter screaming something was freaky. I am not speaking of the time my underage friends and I were getting drunk on the curb and the helicopter spotlighted us and this guy Ian started dancing in it with his tophat and cane like some kind of twisted Clockwork Orange cabaret show–that time the light in the sky was silent. No, I am speaking of something else. When I was a kid, maybe 10 or so, and living in Huntington Beach, the helicopter was screaming something any my parents had to go make sure all the doors and windows were locked. There was a serial killer or something hopping over fences, running through people’s backyards, trying to evade capture.

It has been about 20 minutes of the repeating announcement and I am getting more and more full of uncomfortable anxiety. I am getting flashbacks of ‘nam, and I am not even old enough for that to be possible. Time to go to the store. Or the coffee shop. Or the pier. Or back to work. Or the library. I cannot sit here any longer.

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