Mint Balls and Bocce Julep

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I woke up yesterday afternoon and peered out the window. There was supposed to be a BBQ later in the day, but it looked dark and gloomy outside, and almost ready to rain (which happens to be something I like, but not very conducive to cooking outside on a grill). Eventually, the sun found the strength to burn off the clouds, and things started looking really sunny, almost hot.

On that day, I discovered the BEST lazy, sunny day afternoon activity ever created! Every weekend should have a sunny day, a drum of Mint Julep and a whole bunch of Bocce Ball. The game is fun, and it is really silly trying to pretend you are as cool as David Bowie in Labyrinth, swooshing bocce balls around your hands like a magician and utterly failing. I need do a little Google searching for Julep recipes! As I understand it, it is basically bourbon, sugar, mint, and lemon. I am not sure I have the patience to prepare it properly, though. It takes something like 24-48 hours to steep.

Jeremy had some super-tasty fish: a piece of salmon, covered with an entire bulb of garlic chopped to bits, some cilantro, and an entire stick of butter! I am sure that eventually, my arteries will solidify and I’ll die with a smile.

Unfortunately Meta_Kate was medicated (Get it?! Meta_Kate! Medicate!) on DayQuil through the party, so was not able to have a whole lot of coherent fun, but not for lack of trying.

At one point in the evening, the music ran out, and Ignatz had to fill the void with the first verse of Zeppelin’s Black Dog. Of course, he reached the end of the chorus and EVERYONE in the garage had to vocally do the guitar part. “Na Nana Ne Nee neer neer neer nneeerrr” I think my ears are still hurting from that Beavis and Butthead experience.

Eventually, Brian C. showed up looking very much like (for no apparent reason) De Niro. That was a little freaky and unexpected! Way to go Big B!

Kate and Lisa got free tickets to see Peter Murphy at the House of Blues next to Disneyland, thanks to Lisa’s sister. Unfortunately, only two tickets, so none for me. I must remember to buy a ticket later today. He was great the first, last, and only time I saw him (with Bauhaus a few years ago).

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