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  • This morning, I woke up and discovered a wacky-looking van in front of Meta_Kate’s house: Jews For Jesus? Weirdness…
  • Later, at work, I asked Brian C. about it. Yes, he told me a bit about it, but to be honest, I forgot most of it. A few minutes later, we got into a debate about holidays. He was telling me about his theory on the Jester Bunny. Apparently, after a hundred years time, all of the consumer companies (Hallmark, anyone?) will consolidate all of the holidays into one mondo-holiday (Jesus+Eater Bunny=Jester Bunny). On the other hand, I believe that they will splinter and spring forth new holidays. I think it is much more realistic that we will eventually have one holiday a week. That would be 52 sets of Hallmark(tm) cards we need to purchase for all of our friends and family.
  • This afternoon, I went to Carl’s Jr. for lunch. I got a chicken burger-y-thing and criss cut fries. The burger-y thing was okay. The criss cut fries were okay too. The other stuff in the fries was a little unexpected. You see, I had one of those cardboard sleeves of criss-cut fries. The big fries at the top were good–covered with seasoning, slightly crispy, slightly breaded. As I approached the bottom of the sleeve, there were more and more breaded bits. There were a number of pieces that were strictly breading–nothing more, just deep-fried breading. At the very bottom, there was a piece or two that looks like strictly breading, but ended up having chicken in the middle. Good thing I’m not vegetarian!
  • Meta_Kate and I were discussing Heisenberg today and ended up stumbling upon the idea of a Heisenburger. I would think that witnessing the burger would involve participating in the closed system that contained the burger. Therefore, it is impossible to witness it without eating it, or something. I don’t know. I have not yet worked out that piece of the theory. It is just fun to say “Heisenburger.”
  • Thanks to my new friend, Netflix, I am currently enjoying the fine film Haiku Tunnel. I was expecting it to be a generic Office Space clone. So far, it seems almost as good as Office Space, only with more musical stylings from the Pixies. The sysadmin reminds me of quite a few people.

Heisenburger, heisenburger, heisenburger, heisenburger

Addendum: the movie was really MUCH better than I expected, and ended in a They Might Be Giants song! “Snowball In Hell!”

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