Gluons have eight possible color states

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Several observations today:

  • Today would have been a perfect day for playing hookie and taking a road trip up the coast.
  • Driving along the S-curves of Irvine Avenue (35 MPH zone) at 80 MPH is not advised during rush hour–although it is rather fun and exciting.
  • I am kind of glad I do not have a tape dispenser at work. After Other Jeremy’s comment about tape, I felt the burning desire to do the Pee-Wee Herman tape-on-the-face routine that generally gets the tape dispenser permanently impounded by the cow-orkers.
  • CD-ROMs do not shred in paper shredders. I am pretty sure the shredder still works, though.
  • I better stop eating at Soup Plantation, for fear of causing inflation to salad prices. It seems that every time I eat there, they bring the price up. I had not been there in about 6 months, but today it was up to $10! For a freakin’ salad! For that price, I would have expected gold-plated tablewear, caviar, and a personal servant. At the very least, a waiter or waitress would have been nice. $10 for a serve-yourself buffet salad?! Instead it was some wilted lettuce, little “grape” tomatos (which were awesome!), garbanzo beans, and a mountain of shredded cheese (“this means something”).
  • Moonlight Sonata is a great song. I wish I remembered how to play it.
  • The skin depth of a substance is the distance to which incident electromagnetic radiation penetrates.
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