Wine, American Pie, Korean BBQ

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What does one do when one has been taking Advil all week and feels like an immunity has built up? I hurt. Most of my bosses (notice I said “most”) would frown upon drinking at work. My idea of personal drug use has gotten more tame over the years (I really do not take anything more hard than alcohol, an occasional cigarette, and a rare aspirin anymore). That is just me, though–my opinions, for the record, on others taking drugs are much more liberal, almost fanatic (reference the response to Meta_Kate’s rant a while back). I want to go home to some nice red wine. Ouch.

On the brighter side of things: Brian C. has just shared with the rest of the coworkers how much I think our receptionist looks like Finch from American Pie. Not just looks, but speech and mannerisms. Freaky. Everyone seemed to get a kick out of it. Hide your mom.

I got to eat lunch for the second time in my life at a restaurant with little propane grills built into the tables. This one was a little different than the other Korean BBQ. The first one I ever went to, they had all kinds of scary stuff (beef tripe, liver, etc), but you got to grill it yourself in the table. This one has much more tolerable items on the menu, but the waitress cooked it in/on the table. While I do not usually like large amounts of meat, the chicken was super-tasty! It had some sort of soy-based marinade. It was one of the most fun lunches I have had in a while. Oh–forgot to mention that our tech writer went, too. Nobody knew that she is a vegetarian until we got the menus. Not a meatless dish to be found. Oops. Fortunately, the people working there were able to throw together a little salad, so it all worked out fine. Get to go home soon….

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