Oh, look, there’s a rape machine/I’d go outside if it looks the other way

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I have had the same few Gary Numan songs in my head for the last 72 hours. I thought listening to them on repeat for a few hours would help me get tired of them and move onto getting something else lodged in my tiny little brain. Unfortunately, I think it only helped to strengthen the neural paths that keep the songs stuck in there. Errrghhhh…

Yesterday was the second near-heart-attack in the past couple of days. It was a typical day…stopped by home on my lunch break to cook some pasta and hopefully meet up with Meta_Kate before she left. Back to work, blah, blah, time to go home. On the drive home, I noticed a large plume of dark smoke. “Hmmmm….what could THAT be from? It looks like something is on fire. Did I remember to turn off the stove? Oh shit! Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.” The closer I got to home, the the more the plume of smoke looked to be coming from the area of my house! Eep! Eventually, I got home and discovered the smoke was coming from the next block over and that everything was fine (no, I did not leave the gas on). It still did not change the fact that my heart felt like it was ready to explode.

Last night, Meta_Kate and myself had a stupid fight. She was arguing that in order to build a parity function using an abacus machine model, you needed all the steps to do division, so the graph ended up having, like, a dozen nodes. I argued you could do it in fewer and ended up building a model that does it using only three states. We then proceeded to get really confused because my method was mechanically sound, but not directly mathematically provable. I guess she is going to go talk to her professor. Yeah, we’re geeks.

Speaking of which…I get to hand-roll a HTTP/1.0 implementation of a POST browser request in Java. I just love reinventing the wheel. Stupid cellphone Java. Stupid Apache. Grrrrr…back to work.

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