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I was listening to the radio over the weekend and one of the states, Minnesota I believe, was going to allocate funding to help fight the menace of the Goth! I guess they were concerned about all the youth listening to Maralyn Manson (yeah, he’s goth all right!) and wanted to set up some kind of programs–counceling or something.

I was listening to the radio this morning and Transylvania (or whatever it happens to be called now) is going to set up a THEME PARK called Draculaland. I can imagine it will have rides with names like The Impaler. While the people of Transylvania (or whatever it is called now) think this is a great idea, the people of the surrounding area are concerned that this will be a satanist magnet. I know where I want to take an upcoming vacation!

Normally, I cannot stand it when people post lyrics to their journals, but I heard a new They Might Be Giants song last night. For those that know me as the narcoleptic I am, as well as my fixation on time (as a temporal dimension/property and not necessarily the fourth spacial dimension, blah, blah, blah), clocks, the future, etc–you will find it rather appropriate. The MP3 is in the usual place, for those with access…

(You will have to imagine the accordian, electric guitar and John’s nasaly voice…)

Underneath the big clock
at the corner of 5th Avenue and 22nd Street
I stood and waited for a girl I knew
at the spot where we agreed to meet.

It was four minutes of two

At four of two,
I stood waiting for the girl
I was four minutes early
for the date we had planned
I was planning to say
I was in love with her
just as soon as she showed
for a 2 o’clock date
and the clock said
four of two

At four of two
I was staring into space
she was not yet late
according to the clock
I was feeling nervous
so I kept looking up
at the clock sticking out
of the side of the building
and it still said four of two

At four of two
I began to feel tired
and I rubbed my eyes
and again I checked the time
it seemed as if the sky was growing dark
but I felt reassured
when I looked at the clock
and it still said four of two

I laid my head down
on the sidewalk so in case
she were coming
I would have a better view
But no one was there
so I stretched out and closed
my eyes for a second or two

It was four minutes of two

At once I woke to a futuristic world
There were flying cars and gigantic metal bugs
I had grown a beard, it was long and white
But I knew that the girl
would be coming very soon
for though everything had changed
there was still that clock
and it still said
four of two

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