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Once again, I find myself taking my alter ego superhero (or possibly subhero?) persona: Captain Oblivious. I did not realize until just a few days ago that The Eels put out a new album last September. Fortunately, I really was not missing much…which is actually rather UNfortunate. I would have expected something a little better than this album, but I guess the other albums are such great quality they are rather hard to top.

My mind is about to explode with abstract class definitions and trying to find the balance between making code as generic as possible yet still easy to integrate. There is always a tug-o-war in this arena. If you make it truly easy to integrate, it can only integrate into one thing. If you make it truly flexible, you have to write a ton of setup code to make it integrate properly. Oh, well, more balancing.

This afternoon, I took a break from work to walk down to Diedrich’s for a coffee. On the way back, I decided to grab a sandwich from Subway as a quick in-office lunch. I *love* getting the seafood and crab, then telling them to put a ton of horseradish on it. Obviously, I am not vegetarian, but I tend to very nearly be one by association. You can imagine my horror when Mister Man used the little ice-cream scooper to grab a bunch of the Krab mixture and ended up dropping large chunks of it throughout the trays of veggies. Someone is bound to get a chunk of fake shellfish in their veggie sandwich. I tried to mention it, but Mister Man really did not speak much more English than “which bread? and “everything?” and the place was uber-busy, so no luck. I hope it gets noticed by somebody.

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