Alfred Hitchcock on a Harley!

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This afternoon, while driving around, I happened upon a sight: Alfred Hitchcock on a Harley Davidson. Well, it probably was not Alfie himself, but it was this generally pear-shaped guy on a Harley. The biker-style half-helmet he was wearing made his white hair and jowels completely visible.

A couple of nights ago, I was driving around and passed by a pickup truck stopped at a red light. I really did not have a lot of time to linger and examine in detail what I saw, but what I thought I saw was this: the entire hood of the truck, and nothing more, was covered in little figurines. They were all about 6cm tall. I would guess about a hundred of them were affixed to the hood. I have no further information.

I had the coolest revelation today. There is this song that I have known for maybe 6 months, maybe a year. I pretty much know all of the words, but thought them to be more-or-less meaningless. The band pretty much sings about rocket ships, satellites, the future (more of a “World’s Fair” sci-fi sort of future), and such. This particular song is about, among other things, silver cars and cocaine. I figured it was about rocket-cars of some sort and possibly the band likes that particular drug? Today, it finally hit me. I realized it was all about John Z. DeLorean and the DeLorean Motor Company. Everyone loves those stainless steel, gull-wing door, futuristic cars from 1981. I was kicking myself for not realizing this earlier. With 20/20 hindsight, it appears so obvious. Every word fits into place now! Back To The Future!

Normally, I would feel like a total tard for recommending a “popular brand” pasta sauce like Ragu or Prego, but Meta_Kate and I ran across a very tasty one the other day. Ragu’s Chunky Garden Style, Garden Combination is not only delicious, it also contains a sizable amount of veggies. (“1/2 cup equals one serving of vegetables”).

“Philosophy Books: small print, big words, no sales.”

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