Clothespins Are To Be Closed

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  • I drove to work this morning and hit every possible red light. And you know what? I did not care. It was such a nice, sunny, nearly-summer-or-spring morning that I did not mind in the least.
  • Yet another observation that the amount of money spent at Sam’s Club or Price Club or insert-your-favorite-bulk-store expands to cover all $monkey$ in your wallet.
  • The “Which Crayola Are You?” pseudo-quiz is nearly ready. (Actually, I never say Crayola or use the image–the Crayola brand is implied). Needs some marketing verbiage and finalized images. (Yow, even my personal projects are starting to sound buzzword compliant). Stay tuned, kiddies.
  • The minority candidates for California Governor are crackpots. Must gather more info for Memepool article.
  • Lindows has not yet released another beta and I am starting to get a little pissed. How long can I run the same broken beta and file the same bug reports? Do not get me wrong. It is a wonder concept and implementation, it just has a few major flaws that still need to be worked out.
  • Search for band name on AudioGalaxy that I cannot quite remember yielded nothing. Motsupichu? Otsomichu? Osomichu? Must do more research.
  • Search for Die Form on eMusic yielded many good results.
  • Must decide whether to drop eMusic (now that TMBG no longer does monthly releases on there) and convert to Netflix. eMusic has downloads that I can keep forever. Netflix has a bigger selection of movies I might be interested in than eMusic has music that I might be interested in. One is a service + product. The other is simply a service. Could get both, but must justify to the gremlins in my mind why I need indefinite $20/mo charges for each.
  • Falling into beer induced sleep…not wanting to sleep…want to finish Philip K. Dick novel before Amazon shipment arrives at end of week…can’t sleep…clowns will eat me…
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