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Random bits of mini-news…written one at a time throughout the day
(figured it would be better than spamming the system with 20 posts of one
or two sentences apice)

…How can you stack dead bodies in the back yard for 10 years, giving people powdered concrete instead of ashes and say “the crematorium’s furnace is broke??” Body count: 140 and growing. Wouldn’t the stench of decaying human flesh get a little unbearable?

…For those that did not see on Saturday, I have my own LiveJournal style…you can also use the text messaging feature to send me notes

…also, I came up with a new version of the lasagna recipe. I guess it should really be called v1.1, but Mark II sounded better. It is filed in with the rest of the technical papers, at Netninja

…The other day, I signed up to be a LiveJournal Developer, assuming I have any free time. I have already gotten my feet wet with designing my own style, and thought I could help out with the design and implementation of the new style system (S2). Most of the programmers seem to be Perl and VB, but they are looking to do this in Java. Fortunately, my experience writing parsers, lexers, interpreters, and compilers will probably help out with S2, because the new styles will not be confusing recursive templates, but actual programatic objects with inheritance and properties and such. Niftiness

…I am sick today and getting really sick of rice and/or soup. My head hurts, and all I want to do is sit here and read, but pounding head prevents me from concentrating

…Meta_Kate, thank you for the real juices from Mother’s: lemonade made with spring water, lemons, and honey; kiwi strawberry that contains nothing artificial so instead of being flourescent, it is brownish and has dark silt from the fruit

…they put in an audioanimatronic George W. at Disney World. Aside from better pronunciation (“proo-pry-a-tarry information”), I wonder if anyone can tell the difference.

Mommy, it followed me home, can I keep it?

…wagon wheel pasta, garlic sauce, a dash of Tabasco, a punch of cumin–not rice or soup.

…I’ve heard that garlic spicy things like Tabasco are good at killing off sickness–it is probably an old wives take, though

…There is something wonderful, in a very childish way, about wagon wheel shaped pasta

I hanker for a hunka cheese! Look! A wagon wheel!


…Windows and mirrors can fog up. Why not your eyes?…

Updated 9:45pm (Pacific Time): I’m sick, I’m bored, and I have 3D rendering software (see new user pic)! Watch out!

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