We’re in a truck!

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This evening, I was driving home from work. A couple of blocks from my home, I noticed a swarm (swarm being three) of police motorcycles by the side of the road. Seeing as I was driving a couple dozen MPH over the speed limit, I slowed down to see what was going on. Speed trap? No!

It turns out that a Taxi had somehow managed to embed itself into a wooden fence. (For those following along at home, this is on Santa Isabel, near Irvine Ave–a little side street on the other side of the school/church/whatever.) This is a downward-sloping piece of road, and the only thing I can imagine is that the Taxi had gotten up some pretty good speed, then hit the sloped curb of a driveway, managed to get a VERY good amount of air, then planted itself firmly into the fence, with the front wheels (and most of the engine) hanging over the other side of the fence. It did not look like anyone was hurt, just a broken fence and a little embarrassment. The whole situation was so visually comical that the only thing I could think of was that scene in The Blues Brothers. “Hi, this is car…what number are we?…car 54. We’re in a truck!”

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