What’s a year, anyway?

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This whole calendar thing we’ve got going on is the calendar of TYRANNY over MEN’S MINDS. The Gregorian calendar is the CALENDAR of THE MAN! Fuck your Bourgeois New Year! I choose Liberty!

Why do we use this half-assed calendar we have? Oops, the days don’t work out, let’s cram half a month between January and March. Oops, it still doesn’t work out. Let’s add an extra day to it for no good reason. But only every once in a while.

Why not use a metric-style calendar, designed by revolutionary French scientists and poets? Why start the year on a random day, why not start it on the Autumnal Equinox? After all, that is a day important to many religions. 12 months, still, yes, but they are all the same length and all of the months of a given season rhyme with each other, so they are easy to remember. Metric weeks–10 days, 10 hours, 100 minutes. Unfortunately, there are still 2 weekend days, which sucks, but there are 5 (sometimes 6) days added to the end of the year strictly for partying. Fuck this “Labor Day” shit. I’m not a laborer. I want my Virtue Day, Genius Day, Reason Day, Rewards Day, and Revolution Day! Viva La Revolution!

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