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So, last Christmas, I downloaded Martin Atkins’ Industrial Christmas Carol from eMusic. (He also had a lot to do with good bands like Skinny Puppy, Pigface, Opium Jukebox, and Psychic TV…and generic bands like Sheep on Drugs and Gravity Kills). The Christmas album kicked ass at the time, but I completely forgot about it until just now. Now, it kicks ass more than it ever did before. If you have an eMusic account, download it! If not, pay for it or find someone that has already downloaded it!

Age old hatred never takes a holiday.
The spirit of Christmas
Go to church. Suicide Bomber. Sacred music. War. Guns.
More terrorism than ever before.
The acoustics of the church.
Go to church. Suicide Bomber. Sacred music. War. Snow.
The young man is training for martyrdom.
Go to church. Suicide Bomber. Sacred music. War. Guns.
This is Christmas in America.
50% cheaper than it was yesterday, and getting cheaper by the minute.
Civilization in a blender, with a quick drive-through super-size 40 ounce Jesus Christ sitting on the hood of your big shiny car.

How much? How many? How much? How many?

Ick. Power just went out. Fortunately, all of the computers and routing equipment are on battery backup. I’m not even a sysadmin, and I have a server farm in the other room. What’s up with THAT?!

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