Dead ant…dead ant…deadAntDeadAntDeadAnt

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I have a PILE of DEAD, frozen ANTS in my FREEZER. You see, ants are stupid. They have brains the size of pin-heads. For some reason, they picked this afternoon and/or last night to travel to my freezer. The ants go marching one-by-one, huzzah! Until they get to my freezer, at which point I kind of doubt they have the ability to sense temperature and die. The ant behind him climbs onto his dead body, and dies of hypothermia, as well.

I guess the ants were flooded out of their home by the recent rains, they made their way into the plumbing access panel by the side of the house, wanted to go into the bathroom (silicon sealant fixed that last rainstorm), took a shortcut through the hole in the wall into the kitchen for the water+gas pipes, walked across the center of the floor all the way to the other side of the kitchen, walked across the bottom of the fridge, up the side, across the center (between the fridge and freezer doors), and into the freezer, where they all proceeded to die like lemmings in a mass ant genocide.

There was no open food, there were no crumbs, and it was the friggin’ freezer! Indian food microwave dinners, ice, vodka, and frozen lima beans (yeah, fuck you, I happen to like lima beans!). Maybe the liked the fact the freezer was DRY because the water is all FROZEN! I just don’t get it…

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