LiveJournal Roulette

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So, last night I wrote a little Python script to grab a random entry from a random LiveJournal page. Pretty wacky! The whole thing becomes absolutely surreal when everything is taken out of context. The returned entry is not surrounded by adjoining entries. It is black and white, plaintext–no color, no styles, nothing personal, except for the text itself.

The results can be displayed in a webpage, with minimal formatting (basically bold, italic, and links–nothing else). The results can also be displayed at a command prompt, as plaintext. Additionally, they can be piped into other programs…various X Windows screensavers (starwars, phosphor, etc.).

I would post the link here, but I think it would overload my site, then the LiveJournal site. Maybe I will post a link to the source code–or heck, maybe even the complete source code itself. It is not much more than a couple of 24-line screens.

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