It’s the end of the world, as we know it

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Yeah, so I guess Jihad has been/is going to be declared against the US. For all I know, Jihad was a very bad card game, kind of like Magic: The Gathering that existed when I was in high school, then was quickly renamed to be more politically correct. So now what? World War III? Speaking of high school and world war, that reminds me of some of the bulletin board software we used way back then…dial up someone’s computer on a modem (this was before you could connect to the internet), post messages, read messages, post files, grab files. The software was called WWIV. I don’t think it ever really stood for anything, just random letters.

So, I was comfortable a few minutes ago. I am sitting in bed with a fan blowing a cool breeze in from outside and a laptop connected to the network using the internal wireless card. “Look Ma! No wires!” This is what wireless technology was MADE for! But now I am not so comfortable. Will I have to worry about airborne biological reagents? Will I have to dodge little men with bombs strapped to their chests when I go to my interview tomorrow morning? Will I have to have second thoughts about the crowd when I go to get Indian food at a hole-in-the-wall mom-and-pop just up the freeway? (Not that I would worry about them being terrorists, but about them thinking I’m some stupid American that doesn’t know any better…a sort of reverse prejudice.)

If a country/religious group declares Jihad upon our country, we will have somebody of substance to fight–not simply the nebulous term “terrorists.” (How do you fight a concept, anyway?) Will this mean we go to war? Will this change our quality of life? Somebody told me the other day that I am too old for the draft (27 in another month), but will the rules about the draft change (especially considering I have neither school nor work)? Will my friends disappear overseas? Maybe this is pointless, considering that I also heard that they have more than enough people joining the military of their own free will…or free brainwashing. “Be all that you can be.”

While the movies are cool, I am not sure I am quite ready to live in the world of 12 Monkeys or Mad Max.

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