Digital Note-Taking

I’ve been using a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent sys­tems for note-taking over the past sev­eral years. Last month, I had meant to point a friend/coworker to a blog post describ­ing my setup. (Hi, Dunx!) He had been using Evernote which, to put it mildly, pooped its pants, delet­ing much of his con­tent. [Spoiler: he man­aged to save him­self by unplug­ging … Continue read­ing Digital Note-Taking

My current WordPress plugins

Because I have a friend who is kick­ing off a new WordPress-powered blog (Hi, Substitute!), I thought I’d list the plu­g­ins I use here at  I have a whop­ping 32 of them, but many are sim­ple single-purpose things that are likely not of gen­eral inter­est.  My plu­g­ins can be be bro­ken down into a few cat­e­gories: Administrative After The Deadline — A spelling … Continue read­ing My cur­rent WordPress plu­g­ins

One week with the iPad

Please bear with me as I type this review directly on the iPad — on Pages to be copied into WordPress — while reclin­ing on the sofa. Although I have used it in a num­ber of other ways, my intent right now is to get a good feel for using it in this par­tic­u­lar real-life sce­nario. (The result of … Continue read­ing One week with the iPad

The simplicity of WordPress upgrades

One of the com­plaints I have heard about not run­ning your own WordPress instal­la­tion ver­sus going with a man­aged ser­vice like Blogger or LiveJournal is that it is dif­fi­cult to main­tain. Specifically, that it is dif­fi­cult to upgrade. This is why, about six months ago, a worm went around and took down a bunch of people’s blogs. They failed … Continue read­ing The sim­plic­ity of WordPress upgrades

Snazzy-Archives, Filtered

Note that this post is a dupli­cate of the Snazzy-Archives, Filtered project page, here at Netninja, and copied into the blog. It has been inserted here to make it part of the blog time­line, RSS, and what­not so that it gets noticed. Comments are dis­abled on this post but enabled on the project page, so go … Continue read­ing Snazzy-Archives, Filtered

Pardon our dust –or– Netninja on Thesis

As you can tell by the ubiq­ui­tous ‘90s-era non­trans­par­ent ani­mated shov­eler graphic at right, has been under con­struc­tion this week­end. Everything looks fine now, but this is a warn­ing that there may still be some loose cov­er­plates hid­ing spark­ing wires. You see — today, I installed the Thesis theme engine for WordPress. What does this mean? … Continue read­ing Pardon our dust –or– Netninja on Thesis

The psychology of WordPress upgrades & plugins

WordCamp Portland was last month. Although WordPress 2.8 has made upgrad­ing one-click easy, there was a lot of shared sen­ti­ment about upgrades and plu­g­ins. These beliefs boil down into two groups and are sum­ma­rized with the fol­low­ing state­ments: “I don’t run WordPress with any plu­g­ins what­so­ever because an upgrade to the core of WordPress could break … Continue read­ing The psy­chol­ogy of WordPress upgrades & plu­g­ins

Tagging the 2001 archives

I have had a blog for a while — since 2001, to be exact. It was not always WordPress, but started out hosted on LiveJournal. In April of 2007, I migrated the posts (but not the com­ments, unfor­tu­nately) to the new sys­tem. The migra­tion went as best as could be expected, but I later learned that a lot of for­mat­ting … Continue read­ing Tagging the 2001 archives

Randomness: The Goth Bus, Bad Bologna, DTV, Mice, and my new WordPress theme

GOTH Bus. The photo is a lit­tle blurry, but every time I see “60TH” on the bus mar­quee, I see it as “GOTH.” Fake Bologna. Last night we had some soy bologna out as an hors d’oeuvre’s spread amongst cheeses, greek olives, apples, and crack­ers (actu­ally, diges­tive bis­cuits, if you want to get fancy.) The fake-bologna smelled a lit­tle … Continue read­ing Randomness: The Goth Bus, Bad Bologna, DTV, Mice, and my new WordPress theme

Migrating from LiveJournal to WordPress

As many peo­ple no doubt are aware: LiveJournal laid off over half their staff. 20 out of 28 peo­ple were let go. Consequently, I have read a lot of people’s LJ blog entries that are hys­ter­i­cal freak­outs. I’m not sure it’s time for peo­ple to freak out yet, but it prob­a­bly is time to think about a pos­si­ble … Continue read­ing Migrating from LiveJournal to WordPress