The psychology of WordPress upgrades & plugins

WordCamp Portland was last month. Although WordPress 2.8 has made upgrad­ing one-click easy, there was a lot of shared sen­ti­ment about upgrades and plu­g­ins. These beliefs boil down into two groups and are sum­ma­rized with the fol­low­ing state­ments: “I don’t run WordPress with any plu­g­ins what­so­ever because an upgrade to the core of WordPress could break … Continue read­ing The psy­chol­ogy of WordPress upgrades & plu­g­ins

Recent acquisitions

The Mac Mini hooked up to the TV: upgrad­i­nated! When did mem­ory become so cheap? It came with the factory-stuffed pair of 256MB sticks. Watching MP4 videos with 512MB was pass­able. Watching those videos while it did any­thing else in the back­ground (down­load­ing, transcod­ing, or even with iTunes sit­ting idle) was ch-ch-ch-choppy. It now has … Continue read­ing Recent acqui­si­tions

iPhone: Day 2

iPhone: Day 2 Good news: this incar­na­tion of the iPhone doesn’t have the angry-bees GSM bzzt-bzzt-bzbzbzbzzt in my car stereo that the pre­vi­ous model of iPhone had. I can actu­ally lis­ten to it in the car with­out hav­ing to flip it in and out of air­plane mode! Bad news: my car charger (which I rarely used any­way, … Continue read­ing iPhone: Day 2