nvalt, Notesy, and Friends

Yesterday, I wrote an overview of my dig­i­tal note tak­ing process. Today, I will delve a lit­tle more deeply into the textfiles-in-Dropbox work­flow, show­ing exam­ples and screen­shots from spe­cific apps. If you have not yet read the pre­vi­ous post, I sug­gest you do so now. To sum­ma­rize that ear­lier post, all my notes are text (well, Markdown) files, liv­ing … Continue read­ing nvalt, Notesy, and Friends

Digital Note-Taking

I’ve been using a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent sys­tems for note-taking over the past sev­eral years. Last month, I had meant to point a friend/coworker to a blog post describ­ing my setup. (Hi, Dunx!) He had been using Evernote which, to put it mildly, pooped its pants, delet­ing much of his con­tent. [Spoiler: he man­aged to save him­self by unplug­ging … Continue read­ing Digital Note-Taking

Wikis and notepads and text files, oh my!

The other night, @verso tweeted a ques­tion about run­ning a lit­tle wiki on a home file server. I responded with TiddlyWiki, which is a whole wiki con­tained in a sin­gle HTML file. It actu­ally may or may not ful­fill her needs, since there are huge con­cur­rency and remote access issues — it’s designed to be run from a thumb drive and used … Continue read­ing Wikis and notepads and text files, oh my!