Netninja site changes: Hipster PDA & Code

Background I have talked about my rela­tion­ship with the Hipster PDA for years.  It is a sort of love/hate thing.  I find that the basics are invalu­able.  I really love all the beau­ti­ful lit­tle tem­plates and forms that peo­ple have made for the 3″ x 5″ form fac­tor.  Alas, I find that most — if not all — of those … Continue read­ing Netninja site changes: Hipster PDA & Code

Ignite Portland 5 Speakers Announced

If you have not already heard, mark your cal­en­dars for Ignite Portland 5. It will be on February 19th at the Bagdad and they have just released the list of speak­ers: Bram Pitoyo — The Secret History of Fonts You May Not Know Before Jim Ayala — The Universe Story Aaron Hockley — Reading the … Continue read­ing Ignite Portland 5 Speakers Announced

TechShop Portland

I went to the open house for TechShop Portland the other night. For those that have not heard of TechShop (I hadn’t until just last week­end), it is a sort of co-op machine shop. They described it some­thing like “start out with a gym, then remove the use­less stuff like exer­cise equip­ment, then bring in machine tools.” … Continue read­ing TechShop Portland

Ignite Portland 4

The list of talks for Ignite Portland 4 has been pub­lished. Mark your cal­en­dars for Thursday November 13! What is Ignite? — Josh Bancroft Five Things Portland Can Learn From Kentucky in Five Minutes — Jeff Hardison A Short Introduction to Cyborg Anthropology — Amber Case Spirituality in Community: It’s not just for reli­gion any­more — … Continue read­ing Ignite Portland 4

SE Portland Streetcar Survey

Anyone in Portland who would like to have a say in the future routes of the street­car in the Southeast should go to the District Working Group page and click the link to take the sur­vey. Alternately, show up to any of the meet­ings, also listed on that page. Posted in: Anyone in Portland who would … Continue read­ing SE Portland Streetcar Survey

It’s a trap!

Okay, so I knew Portland can be a lit­tle nerdy. We have things like the largest inde­pen­dent book­store in town, which causes some­thing like the high­est per­cent­age of leisure read­ers in the coun­try. We have things like Free Geek. There’s the Geek Prom. I could go on and on. Heck, I even know some­one who rou­tinely dresses up as … Continue read­ing It’s a trap!

Recap of the past month

Dear blo­gos­phere: I have not been read­ing your blogs much in the past few weeks. Dear twit­ter­verse: I have not been keep­ing up with your tweets much, if at all, in the past few weeks. Work has been pretty busy the past few weeks. We have an end-of-the-month dead­line that, for­tu­nately, is not one of those impossible-even-when-working-80-hour-weeks … Continue read­ing Recap of the past month

$500K south of the volcano

Every once in a while, it occurs to me that I live about a mile south of a vol­cano. Or, as a neigh­bor says, at least half-a-million-dollars south of the vol­cano. Housing prices up there can get crazy because Mt. Tabor is a rather nice park. Fortunately for hous­ing prices and my own per­sonal safety, it is an extinct vol­cano. My … Continue read­ing $500K south of the vol­cano

The geometry of butter

BrianEnigma: Oregon has crappy but­ter geom­e­try. I tweeted that ear­lier tonight and expect some amount of con­fu­sion. Sticks of but­ter across the coun­try all have the same vol­ume. You go to the store, you buy 16oz of but­ter, and you get four sticks of 4oz. In the rest of the coun­try, the sticks are long … Continue read­ing The geom­e­try of but­ter