WikiPub: WikiLeaks on your eBook reader

I read. I read a lot. I do not nec­es­sar­ily read as fast as the folks that can power through a book in a week­end, but I get a lot of enjoy­ment out of it nonethe­less. Part of this read­ing occurs dur­ing my daily com­mute. Recently, I man­aged to grab a copy of the WikiLeaks cable­gate archive. It’s pretty easy if you know where … Continue read­ing WikiPub: WikiLeaks on your eBook reader

One week with the iPad

Please bear with me as I type this review directly on the iPad — on Pages to be copied into WordPress — while reclin­ing on the sofa. Although I have used it in a num­ber of other ways, my intent right now is to get a good feel for using it in this par­tic­u­lar real-life sce­nario. (The result of … Continue read­ing One week with the iPad

Migrating from Kindle to iPad: An Illustrated DRM Primer

Over the week­end I made a tweet that sev­eral peo­ple asked about: Basically, they wanted to know how to con­vert DRM pro­tected Kindle books over to ePub books that will work on the iPad. I love the fact that Amazon was able to release a Kindle app for the iPad on the very first day, but in a side-by-side … Continue read­ing Migrating from Kindle to iPad: An Illustrated DRM Primer

Kindle versus paper: a pictorial

I have had a Kindle for a few months now and really enjoy it. I have been read­ing like I’ve never read before! The size and con­ve­nience are great and, for many texts, far out­weighs the longevity and space require­ments of paper books (even though I love hav­ing shelves and shelves of book spines to look at, like tro­phies … Continue read­ing Kindle ver­sus paper: a pic­to­r­ial

The hidden cost of the Kindle: computing glasses

So it turns out that there is a hid­den cost to the Amazon Kindle. I have been read­ing quite a lot more in the past few months. A typ­i­cal week­day rou­tine might have been star­ing at com­puter screens all day at work, com­ing home, doing a few chores, help­ing out with din­ner, then watch­ing a tele­vi­sion show or two, per­haps a movie, … Continue read­ing The hid­den cost of the Kindle: com­put­ing glasses

The little details, like hyphens and em-dashes

As you may or may not know, I got myself a Kindle a few months back. To be more spe­cific, it was the Kindle DX — a bit more expen­sive, but the big­ger screen and native PDF sup­port was more than worth it in my case. My thought at the time was that it would mainly be used for … Continue read­ing The lit­tle details, like hyphens and em-dashes

Netninja Mobile, now with sudoku

A lit­tle over two years ago, back when the iPhone SDK con­sisted of “here, kid, here’s a text edi­tor, now go away and make your­self a nice lit­tle web page, and quit both­erin’ me,” I quickly hacked together a lit­tle web con­trol panel and called it Phonemarks. It ran, and con­tin­ues to run in some form or another, at … Continue read­ing Netninja Mobile, now with sudoku

1984 goes down the Memory Hole

I’ll be blog­ging about the great time I had at ARGfest soon, but this par­tic­u­lar bit of news was just too laced with irony to pass up... I do not know if you have read the biggest piece of irony in recent (or per­haps ever) tech news but in case you have not, let me sum­ma­rize. … Continue read­ing 1984 goes down the Memory Hole

Comments from all over (Virtual Kindle Style)

When the blog was the only out­let for typed thoughts and shared com­ments, every­thing got posted here (or, tech­ni­call, over at LiveJournal, as that was my blog long, long before I moved it here.) Now that we have Twitter and Facebook and what­not, those thoughts get scat­tered through­out the inter­nets. In an effort to graft some … Continue read­ing Comments from all over (Virtual Kindle Style)

Why I probably won’t be getting a Kindle 2

What I have seen of the Kindle 2’s design makes it an envi­able device to gadget-lover-Brian. While the first Kindle looked like it was made by Tandy, this updated one looks like it came straight out of Cupertino. It almost looks like an over­sized iPod Touch, seam­lessly melded with a key­board, and large enough to be read … Continue read­ing Why I prob­a­bly won’t be get­ting a Kindle 2