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This Weekend!

This week­end in dark fash­ion and gothic bel­ly­dance! Don’t for­get!

La Mode Macabre




I men­tion partly because they’ll be really fun and partly because the illus­tri­ous Kim Sakkara will be vending/showing at these events.

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Weekend Review

Friday! This was the night of the East:Meets:West show at Outlaws. I had never been to the venue before, but have to admit it was great for this kind of show. It is the sec­ond and third sto­ries of what used to be a dance hall back in the day. I guess most nights of the week, it is a cow­boy bar (with strip club on the third floor,) but they occa­sion­ally have less-cowboyish per­for­mances there. I saw fly­ers posted for a “Monsters of Rock” night that con­sisted entirely of cover bands–of course, the orig­i­nal band’s names are what took up most of the space. “AEROSMITH as per­formed by BlahBlahBlah.” There was also a flyer for Vanilla Ice. I guess Ice is back with a brand new inven­tion. Anyway.... East:Meets:West. I enjoyed myself and had a great time. With a cou­ple of minor excep­tions, I liked all of the per­for­mances. I under­stand that some of the bel­ly­dance purists were a lit­tle put off by the fact that it was pro­moted as bel­ly­dance, but was more of a fusion thing (or, in some cases, a com­plete depar­ture,) but I don’t know the mechan­ics of the dance style and am eas­ily amused (espe­cially by fire.) Things I liked (and can cur­rently remem­ber) included:
– two girls danc­ing, with extremely long hair (okay, clip-on hair exten­sions), braided together, as a mas­ter and mis­tress (with whips, of course) lorded over them–dancing with their siamese twin like con­nec­tion, until the guy uses a dag­ger to sep­a­rate their hair, pro­ceed­ing into a dance of loss, etc. You know–telling a story through dance and all that stuff.
– Serpentine danc­ing with their typ­i­cal large amounts of fire
– Two fire eaters, a large bald dude and a petite blonde, run­ning around the bar and through the audience–acting like she stole his flam­ing stick and he’s chas­ing her to get it back. You you see the fire theme here in my list of likes, right?
– I know there was other stuff, but can’t remem­ber now.

Things I am not sure whether or not I liked (I’m not sure I dis­liked them, but given the choice again in the future, I’d opt for some­thing else):
– Two girls doing some sort of weird Texan bel­ly­dance. They had shiny cow­boy hats. One even had a loin­cloth(?) of Gonzo from the Muppets. Based on the posi­tion of the pic­ture and the shape of Gonzo’s nose... nev­er­mind. They con­cluded with a dance to a lounge ver­sion of Baby Got Back.
– The gigan­tic disco ball in the shape of a cow­boy hat on the ceil­ing. I didn’t notice it for half the show, but once I saw it, I could not un-see it.
– The on-tap beer selec­tion seemed pretty piss-poor and included things like Miller, Bud, Heinekin, and Drop Top Amber. At least they had Drop Top Amber.

Things I didn’t really care for:
– There was a girl toward the begin­ning with a black veil that had (in my opin­ion) a poor selec­tion of music and an over­dra­matic gothy dance with a dag­ger. Maybe it floats other people’s boats, but I didn’t care for the music and thought the over-seriousness of the per­for­mance was a lit­tle too corny for me. But then, what do I know? I was the only per­son, in a vast sea of black, wear­ing a bright industrial-orange t-shirt.

Saturday! After sleep­ing in, we went to Bill’s for a pool party. This is the first (and hope­fully only) pool party I’ve been to where one of the pool toys was a large rub­ber fist. It pretty much got avoided until finally Bill threw it away (of course, wor­ried that it would fall out of the can just as trash was being picked up.) I also learned that high-quality strip­per poles have bear­ings in the top and bot­tom so that the pole itself can spin. I also learned that an improper, but fun, pro­nun­ci­a­tion of fajita is “fa-jie-ta” (sounds like “vagina.”) It was great fun, with a good group of peo­ple, a pool, a BBQ, and a full bar. I dis­cov­ered that dirty vodka mar­ti­nis made by a pro­fes­sional mixol­o­gist are actu­ally a bit more dirty than I make at home, which is actu­ally quite nice. The party wound down at one point, but spun back up again, so we ended up get­ting out of there a bit too late to make it over to Feedle’s place (sorry!) We went home and col­lapsed.

Sunday! After being a bit sore and tired from the pre­vi­ous two days, Sunday was more of a “nest­ing at home” day. We missed out on a brunch we were invited to and didn’t have the energy to go out to Hillsboro to a coworker’s farm for pick­ing straw­ber­ries. We cleaned house and I made sum­mer sausage. Actually, I started cur­ing the meat the pre­vi­ous day, but finished–shaping the meat (using cheese­cloth instead of nat­ural or arti­fi­cial sausage cas­ings) and dry­ing it a bit more at a low heat (the cur­ing deac­ti­vates bac­te­ria, but they can come alive again with the right con­di­tions of mois­ture and heat, whereas the heat­ing after cur­ing ensures they’re dead.) Sunday night the sausages were a lit­tle “meh,” but after being in the fridge for the night, they were great on Monday, sliced into discs and put on a salad.

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Zombie Baby Jesus

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Two nights ago was the East:Meets:West show, where Kim gave her first per­for­mance in a long time. This is the goth/bellydance show that was started by a cou­ple of girls from San Francisco that either attended or ran a sim­i­lar event down there. This time, it was at an artist space a few doors down from Devil’s Point, which turned out to be an excel­lent loca­tion. It was a ben­e­fit for New Orleans, as well as Sophie, who had moved back there in the past year and now finds her­self back up here. The whole thing started very mel­low, with a great cer­e­mony and pro­ces­sion. Sophie headed a rit­ual out­side with a lot of can­dles, incense, a plate full of offer­ings for the dead, drums, and chant­ing. Everyone even­tu­ally marched inside and the show kicked off with Kim’s great set. She was totally in the zone and doing some great moves to Einsturzende Neubauten, Ministry, and Sneaker Pimps. (The Skinny Puppy song was cut from the set because the ceil­ing fans would have inter­fered with the veil dances, unfor­tu­nately.) There were a num­ber of other per­for­mances, includ­ing based around the leg­ends of Oracle at Delphi.

Last night included a cou­ple of par­ties. The one at Rebecca’s Boyfriend’s house had a pair of 11-year-olds that hijacked the stereo. Before they would play the “bor­ing adult music” (Juno Reactor’s Masters of the Universe, which Rebecca per­formed to at the pre­vi­ous East:Meets:West), they first had to dance to some Gorillaz(?) song. They also had a CD of var­i­ous “clas­sic” Halloween music, but they were all cover versions–as if the CD pro­ducer was not able to secure the rights to the orig­i­nal Monster Mash, Thriller, Time Warp, and the like. They had to replay Thriller two or three times to get the chore­og­ra­phy right (accord­ing to what was remem­bered from the video.) The other party was at Sara’s house, which is just down on 34th. There were about 40 peo­ple packed into this nar­row San Francisco-style house. The house was so small that there was not enough room for a full stair­way, there was a more com­pact (and in my opin­ion, much cooler) tight spi­ral stair­case going upstairs. I think I knew exactly two peo­ple there: Sarah and Eric, but that was okay; every­one was friendly and ener­getic. A num­ber of peo­ple keep ask­ing if we were from OCOM, but I never did find out what that is until this morn­ing. I stopped by Limbo to look for pie pump­kins and ran into a girl there from the party. Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Mystery solved.

How Stuff Works has a great arti­cle on zom­bies that traces the ori­gin of the myths back to potions con­tain­ing fugu fish on Haiti and dis­cusses Romero and Romero-inspired films. It also includes some help­ful tips to help you sur­vive a zom­bie attack:

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Get away from the zom­bies. Most of the time, you can move faster than they can.
  3. Gather food, water, an emer­gency radio, flash­lights and weapons, and retreat to a secure loca­tion.
  4. If pos­si­ble, retreat to a shop­ping mall, gen­eral retail store or other loca­tion where you’ll have easy access to food and sup­plies.
  5. Stay away from heav­ily pop­u­lated areas, where the infes­ta­tion is likely to be heav­i­est.
  6. Barricade all entrances and stay put at all costs.
  7. Don’t get sur­rounded or backed into a cor­ner or other enclosed space.
  8. Remember that any­one bit­ten or killed by a zom­bie will become a threat to you and your party.
  9. Wait patiently for res­cue and make long-term prepa­ra­tions for your sur­vival.

It also men­tions com­mon mis­takes to avoid:

  • Sheltering in a vehi­cle to which you do not have the keys
  • Leaving blades, cud­gels or other basic weapons out for zom­bies to find
  • Teaching zom­bies how to use firearms
  • Giving your only weapon to any­one who is hys­ter­i­cal
  • Retreating to a base­ment or cel­lar with­out tak­ing sup­plies with you
  • Getting into an ele­va­tor in a build­ing infested with zom­bies
  • Letting per­sonal feel­ings and argu­ments get in the way of sur­vival

Something I learned a few months ago from The Dawn and Drew Show is that Jesus, despite hav­ing returned from the dead, is not a zom­bie. You can dif­fer­en­ti­ate Jesus from zom­bies because zom­bies are dumb and barely self-aware, while Jesus is com­pletely self aware and can do math. If it is undead and can­not do math, it is a zom­bie. If it is undead and can do math, there is a chance that it may be Jesus (or it may be some other intel­li­gent undead crea­ture like a vam­pire.)

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