Phonemarks: Bookmarks for your iPhone


Phonemarks is a web appli­ca­tion for stor­ing and dis­play­ing book­marks in a fancy inter­face sim­i­lar to the iPhone’s home screen. It also gives you an advanced search box–not sim­ply Google, but IMDB, Wikipedia, and sev­eral oth­ers.

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You can see a read-only demo of the appli­ca­tion and its admin­is­tra­tive inter­face at The admin pass­word is “secret” but keep in mind that this is a read-only demo that will not actu­ally let you mod­ify data.


First, down­load Extract the files and upload them to your web­server. Depending on your web server’s setup (specif­i­cally, if your web server runs with dif­fer­ent per­mis­sions than your shell/ftp account), you may need to alter the per­mis­sions on links.txt. Most FTP pro­grams have a way to do this. From a Unix shell, you can do this with the com­mand “chmod 777 links.txt”.


You can add your own icon images by putting 64x64 image files in the “images” folder. The web appli­ca­tion will auto­mat­i­cally pick them up. I pre­fer trans­par­ent PNG files, but you are free to use any­thing.

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